A selection of book jackets

Écritures de Femmes: Nouvelles Cartographies
Yale, 1996 (Yale Language Series)
(co-editor, with Mary Jean Green, Marianne Hirsch, Ronnie Scharfman)

André Breton
Twayne, 1971

Approximate Man and Other Writings
Black Widow Press, 2005
(editor and translator; author Tristan Tzara)

Beginnings of the Prose Poem: All Over the Place
Black Widow Press, 2021
(edited with Michel Delville)

Blaise Pascal: Miracles and Reason
Reaktion Books, 2017

Bloomsbury and France: Art and Friends
Oxford University Press, 1999
(with Sarah Bird Wright)

Break of Day
University of Nebraska Press, 1999
(co-translator and co-editor with Mark Polizzotti)

Capital of Pain
Black Widow Press, 2006
(editor and co-translator, with Patricia Terry and Nancy Kline; author Paul Eluard)

City Images: Perspectives from Literature, Philosophy, and Film
Gordon and Breach, 1991

Communicating Vessels
University of Nebraska Press, 1989
(translator; author Andé Breton)

Contre-Courants: Les femmes s'écrivent à travers les siècles
Prentice Hall, 1994
(co-ed. with Nancy K. Miller, Elizabeth Houlding, and Cheryl Morgan)

Creative Gatherings: Meeting Places of Modernism
Reaktion Books, 2019

Dora Maar con y sin Picasso, una artista a la sombra de un gigante
Destino, 2000

Dora Maar--With and Without Picasso: A Biography
Thames and Hudson, 2000

Dora Maar. Die Künstlerin an Picassos Seite
Fischer, 2002

Earth Absolute and Other Texts
Contra Mundum Press, 2015
(co-translator with Nancy Kline; author Lorand Gaspar)

Essential Poems and Writings of Robert Desnos: A Bilingual Anthology
Black Widow Press, 2007
(editor and co-translator)

Glorieuses modernistes: Art, écriture et modernité au féminin
Presses Universitaires de Liège, 2016
(with Anne Reynes Delobel)

Glorious Eccentrics: Modernist Women Painting and Writing
Palgrave Macmillan, 2007

HarperCollins World Reader
HarperCollins, 1994
(chief editor)

Henry James (Illustrated Lives)
Overlook, 2006

How Vita Matters
Cecil Woolf Publishers, 2011

Inventing the Real: Edith Wharton and Henry James
Feminist Press, 2008

Joseph Cornell's Theater of the Mind: Selected Journals, Letters, and Files
Thames and Hudson, 1994

Les vies de Dora Maar: Bataille, Picasso et les surréalistes
Thames & Hudson, 2000

Mad Love
University of Nebraska Press, 1987
(translator; author André Breton)

Mallarmé in Prose
New Directions, 2001
(editor and co-translator)

MANIFESTO: A century of isms, Modernist Manifestos and Statements
University of Nebraska Press, 2001

Marcel Proust (Illustrated Lives)
Overlook, 2003

Maria Jolas: Woman of Action
University of South Carolina Press, 2004

University of Nebraska Press, 2001
(translator; author Louis-René des Forêts)

Picasso (Critical Lives)
Reaktion Books, 2005

Picasso's Weeping Woman: A Life and Art of Dora Maar
Bulfinch, 2000

Pierre Reverdy
New York Review Books, 2013
(editor and co-translator)

Poems of André Breton: A Bilingual Anthology
Black Widow Press, 2006
(co-editor and translator, with Jean-Pierre Cauvin)

Provençal Cooking: Savoring the Simple Life in France
Pegasus Books, 2008

Robert Motherwell with Pen and Brush
Reaktion, 2002

Salvador Dalí (Critical Lives)
Reaktion Books, 2008

Selected Poems of Pierre Reverdy
Wake Forest University Press, 1991
(editor and co-translator, with with John Ashbery and Patricia Terry)

Selected Poems of René Char
New Directions, 1992
(translator and co-editor, with Tina Jolas)

Selected Poetry and Prose of Stéphane Mallarmé
New Directions, 1982
(editor and translator)

Self-Shadowing Prey
Contra Mundum Press, 2012
(translator; author Ghérasim Luca)

New York Review Books, 2021
(translator; author Alice Paalen Rahon)

Snail Time
PostMedia Books, 2018

Surprised in Translation
University of Chicago Press, 2006

Phaidon, 2004

Surrealism and Women
MIT Press, 1991
(co-edited with Ruedi Kuenzli and Gwen Raaberg)

Surrealist Love Poems
University of Chicago Press, 2002
(editor and co-translator)

Surrealist Painters and Poets
M.I.T. Press, 1997

The Art of Interference: Stressed Readings in Verbal and Visual Texts
Princeton University Press, 1989

The Edinburgh Companion to the Prose Poem
Edinburgh University Press, 2021
(edited with Michel Delville)

The Eye in the Text: Essays on Perception, Mannerist to Modern
Princeton University Press, 1981

The Milk Bowl of Feathers: Essential Surrealist Writings
New Directions, 2018

The Modern Art Cookbook
Reaktion Books, 2013

The Secret Art of Antoinin Artaud
M.I.T. Press, 1998
(translator and preface; authors Jacques Derrida & Paule Thévenin)

The Surrealist Look: An Erotics of Encounter
MIT Press, 1997

To the Boathouse: A Memoir
University of Alabama, 2004

Undoing Art
Quodlibet, 2017
(with Michael Delville)

Virginia Woolf
Penguin Writers: Illustrated Lives, 2001

Virginia Woolf (Ilustrated Lives)
Penguin, 2001; Overlook, 2002

Vita Sackville-West Reader: Selected Writings
Palgrave, 2002

Women of Bloomsbury: Virginia, Vanessa, and Carrington
Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1990

Yale Anthology of 20th Century French Poetry
Yale University Press, 2004
(editor and co-translator)

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